Reset’s Mission

Reset’s mission is to educate individuals and groups to be attentive to their bodies’ signals and to provide them with practical Self-Tuning techniques.

Self-Tuning can be done quickly–you don’t need a trip to the gym or a block of time set aside. These are  simple stretches and exercises that can be done in in-between times of waiting or indecision or in moments you feel stuck. They can be done whenever and wherever without needing any special equipment or prior experience to perform. 

Reset’s techniques are appropriate for all types of people and all ages: creatives and makers, office workers, gardeners, musicians, coffee shop dwellers, mechanics, dog walkers, surgeons, CEOs, caregivers ...

Anyone and everyone can take a moment to Reset.


Raïssa’s Story

I’m a maker by trade and by nature, and love what I do. For years, I’ve spent hours each day at my worktable, making jewelry or knitwear. Over time, my body started to feel the stress directly related to my work habits. My fingers locked up, and my jaw, upper back, and neck were extremely tight. I became aware of my posture and how much time I spent in a stressful position. Once I acknowledged this trend toward dysfunction, I had no choice but to make changes. Real solutions were needed that could be incorporated without much time or money. The potential alternative was facing painful and expensive surgery and missing months of work.

In 2008, I became certified in Forrest Yoga. Within that practice, I found stretches that were easy to incorporate into a daily routine while sitting at the workbench. I got curious and sought out and investigated others. At first, my focus was on my personal issues and how stretches and small shifts could profoundly change my experience. It was wonderful to feel relief of my strains and aches and I noticed additional benefits of these new habits–increased focus, shifts in perspective, and a heightened connection to my creativity. Amazing! It wasn’t long before I observed and heard about similar strains in other people. I had the epiphany that these techniques would benefit all types of people suffering from repetitive strains and stresses, and from there, the goal of Reset became clear.

Raïssa Bump, Reset founder