However you choose to spend your day, whatever your occupation or hobby, your body and your mind are your primary tools.


Reset teaches you quick and simple techniques to keep your body in working form, your mind attentive, and to help prevent or relieve common strains and stresses.

Reset yourself and regain focus,
shift your perspective, and re-energize. 

wrist stretch

Do you spend much of the day seated or looking at a screen?
Do you have trouble breaking through creative blocks?
Reset supports your overall physical and mental health and can help you refocus and shift your perspective.

Do you use hand tools for extended periods of time?
Do you experience cramping, numbness, weakness or pain
in your hands or arms?
Reset’s stretches can prevent and relieve repetitive stress injuries
and can be done anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

neck release

Do you work long hours in a less-than-ideal posture?
Do you clench your jaw when focusing on work?
        Reset’s stretches don’t require a lot of time and are easy to incorporate into daily routines.